We strive to provide optimal solutions that will help your business thrive. Our individual approach, professionalism and partnership help us help you fulfil your vision.


We provide an individual approach and solutions that are adapted to your organisation and your organisational culture. We find and implement solutions in cooperation with you, which guarantees the future success of your projects. We work with other professionals, specialists and experts, which means that we can provide the best solutions for your challenges.


We continue providing support 3 months after project completion. All our participants have free e-mail and phone access to our experts.


Our team is set up with the mission of finding the best solutions. For you. For your organisation. We are held together by our passion for what we do, our effectiveness and our desire to find the approach that will give outstanding results.

  • consultant, facilitator, trainer

    Sebastian, a true enthusiast for personal growth, new methods and approaches comes from the business information and technology world. Over the past 7 years he has specialised in sales: sales’ communication, customer relationships, sales calls and managing sales teams. He is also passionate about communication, relationships and leadership. He is certified to use SDI – Strength Deployment Inventory. He conducts training, coaching and consulting projects predominantly in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Italy in any of the following 4 languages: Italian, Slovene, Croatian, and English.

  • consultant, trainer

    Suzana Ester believes in constant improvement and achieving higher standards – both in personal development as well as on the organisational level. She comes from a background in human resource management. Over the past 10 years she has devoted her energy and focus on efficient communication, leadership and motivating individuals and groups. In her work she uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), neuro-associative conditioning (NAC), facilitation and elements of nonviolent communication (NVC). She is certified to use SDI – Strength Deployment Inventory. Beside her mother tongue of Slovene she is also fluent in English and Croatian.



mag. Vesna Vižintin Šporn

mag. Vesna Vižintin Šporn, specialised in labour legislation in the public sector, although she also works as a consultant for the private sector. She has a fresh approach and is focused on pragmatic solutions. Her moto is “Legislation should be a tool, not an obstacle.”

Polona Zupančič

Polona Zupančič, dipl. oec. is a trainer, facilitator, mediator and certified SDI® trainer. She has  more than 15 years of experience working in international trade and 20 years in training. She is the author of the handbook 1:0 for the Purchase Manager (2008, Planet GV) and the co-author of the handbook ZEN of Leadership (Verlag Dashofer).

Milan Vujasinovič

Milan Vujasinovič, is a project manager at the Institute for neuro-linguistic programming. He is a NLP business coach. In his work with business teams he aims to improve their efficiency and achieve high level results.